Stocks continue to claw back the declines

Technical Analysis

Apple shares are now higher on the day

The US stocks are continuing to clawback the sharp declines. The Dow industrial average is ticked positive for a moment. The S&P index and NASDAQ index continue to remain in the red but well off their low levels.

A snapshot with less than an hour left in trading currently shows:

  • Dow Jones, -10.29 points or -0.04% at 28282.44. The low price reached all the way down to 27664.68. At the low the Dow was down -628 points
  • S&P index -10.18 points or -0.29% at 3444.88. It’s a low price extended to 3349.63. At the low the index was down -105.43 points
  • NASDAQ index -82.98 points or -0.72% at 11375.13. It’s low price reached 10875.87.  At the low the index was down -582.23 points

Apple shares which traded as low as $ 110.89. It is currently trading at $ 121.64 up $ 0.79 on the day.
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