Stocks lower but off worst levels at the close

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Dow snaps 4 day win streak

The major US stock indices closed down on the day, but it could have been worse. Then again in could have been better too.   The major indices are closing near today’s the middle of the days trading ranges. 

The Dow industrial average was the relative best performer. In fact at 1 point today it traded positively with a 24.4 point gain. However that was quickly rejected the price rotated back into the negative. The NASDAQ index was the weakest. Both it, and the S&P closed lower for the 2nd straight day.

The final numbers are showing:

  • The S&P index closed down -28.48 points or -0.84% at 3357.01
  • the NASDAQ index closed down -140.19 points or -1.27% at 10910.27
  • the Dow industrial average fell -130.40 points or -0.47% at 27901.98.

Below is a look at the ranges and percentage changes for the major indices in the North America and Europe. All the major indices close negative on the day. The NASDAQ index was the worst performer at -1.27%. 

Dow snaps 4 day win streak

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