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What did Mr. Igal Ahouvi do to sway all the court cases in his favor??

What is the real reason that all the claims against Paradise Bay Resort, The Alma project, were dismissed?   Of course all was done by Mr Igal Ahouvi henchmen’s, mainly Hemant Patel the CEO of Paradise Bay resort, Adrian G. Olivero from Finsbury trust who is the sole Director of the company who owns Paradise Bay resort and a Vietnamese Lawyer whom at this point we keep her identity covert.

What role did Mr Kamal el Haq the CEO of Blenheim properties in Vietnam, the disputing partners in Singapore, DRS Communication/Capital and Rinat Hadari the Fortune Teller??

We bring to you another Article written by: a reliable on line magazine in Vietnam.

Disclaimer; This article was published in 2017 and we did not edit or intervene in its original content.  The translation was done by google translate for the sole purpose of objectivity in the wordings.

In the coming weeks we will publish very disturbing recording that came to our possession and link directly people to these actions!

source: en. Vietnam Real Estate Electronic Journal | 06/14/2020

After the lawsuit was dismissed, the People’s Court of Nha Trang City continued to reject the complaint of ALMA holiday customers Disagreeing that the People’s Court of Nha Trang returned the complaint because of the expiration date but the petitioner did not supplement the application, the customer complained about the filing but was again rejected by the court.

Accordingly, due to disagreement with the Holiday Ownership Agreement of Thien Duong Bay Resort Co., Ltd. (ALMA Company), some customers have sued the People’s Court of Nha Trang, Khanh Hoa.

The People’s Court of Nha Trang issued a notice to return the lawsuit over the vacation ownership contract between Mr. and Mrs. Nguyen Dao Tot and Ms. Huynh Thi Thu Van (living in Binh Duong province) with the defendant, Limited Company Khu Paradise Bay tourism (ALMA). In addition, many other customers who applied for initiation also returned.

Disagreeing that the People’s Court of Nha Trang returned the complaint due to the expiration date but the petitioner did not supplement the application, the customer complained about the filing but again the Nha Trang People’s Court rejected the complaint of the customer.

The special thing in ALMA’s vacation ownership contract is that the dispute resolution will be done at Singapore International Arbitration Center (SIAC) in Singapore.

Earlier, after ALMA’s customers filed a lawsuit against this company on July 17, 2017, judge Dam Thi Bich Ngoc (People’s Court of Nha Trang City) issued an announcement on August 3, 2017 asking the litigants to Amend and supplement the petition according to Clause 4 Article 189 of the Civil Procedure Code with 2 requirements. It includes a request to provide a customer agreement with the ALMA Company about the Court selection but does not include a citation of legal grounds with this request.

Subsequently, on October 3, 2017, Judge Dam Thi Bich Ngoc said that the time limit for the provisions of the provisions but the involved parties did not modify or supplement the petition at the request of the Court, so they returned the petition.

On October 4, 2017, disagreeing with the notice of Judge Dam Thi Bich Ngoc’s complaint, the customers thought that the two requests of the Court were not right, so the customer made a complaint to the Chief Justice of the People’s Court of Nha Trang.

Judge Le Thi Lien was assigned by the Chief Justice of the People’s Court of Nha Trang to resolve the complaint, on October 18, 2017 Judge Le Thi Lien held a meeting with the complainant and the representative of Nha Trang City Procuracy. On October 18, 2017, Judge Le Thi Lien issued a decision to resolve the complaint with the result of retaining the complaint and not accepting the complaint.

Protection of rights for customers – lawyer Tran Duc Phuong (Ho Chi Minh City Bar Association) said that currently, customers are continuing to appeal to the Chief Justice of the People’s Court of Khanh Hoa province and will be considered within the time limit. 10 days with the main content of the complaint:

Regarding the notice of amendment and supplement of the lawsuit, the content of 2 requests of Judge Ngoc is outside the content of Clause 4, Article 189. Meanwhile, the supply of written agreement with the ALMA Company on the selection of the Court is a judge. ruling deprived consumers of rights under Article 17 of the Commercial Arbitration Law and Article 38 of the Law on Protection of Consumer Rights because even though the model contract has provisions for dispute resolution at arbitration, consumers The user still has the right to choose the Court. On the other hand, according to Article 4 of Resolution No. 01/2014 / NQ-HDTP and Article 6 of the Commercial Arbitration Law, this is an “unenforceable arbitration agreement” so the Court is not allowed to pay the lawsuit.

In addition, the filing of the lawsuit and the document for the defendant belongs to the litigation of the litigant, there is a confusion between the “litigant” and “the petitioner” and also not within the scope of the “amendment” , supplement the application “under paragraph 4 of Article 189 as applicable to the judge.

Regarding the settlement of complaints, according to lawyer Tran Duc Phuong said: “Judge Lien does not seem to be able to resolve the complaint in addition to holding a meeting on October 18, 2017 with the participation of complainants and representatives of the Procuracy. The decision to resolve the complaint was only one page, each of which was used as a basis but the judgment of the judge was completely absent, while the representative of the Procuracy had the opinion of the People’s Court of Nha Trang received it. the complaint is not reflected in the complaint resolution decision “

“If this type of complaint resolution is not like this, it is not accompanied by a comment and based on specific laws, the case will be more difficult and even the complaint will be exhausted, the procedure will not be complained. accepted and did not know what laws the Court applies, ”Phuong added.

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