The good news for crude oil is the price remains above 2016 lows

Technical Analysis

Low from 2016 was at $ 26.16

The price of WTI crude oil futures settle that $ 31.13 per barrel. That was down $ 10.15 were -24.59%.  The high for the day reached $ 34.88. The low extended to $ 27.34.  The catalyst?

Russia and Saudi Arabia could not agree on production cuts at last week’s OPEC+ meeting. Saudi Arabia said “OK, I will cut my price by $ 6-$ 8 to Asian, US, European customers and increase my production as well”.  

Low from 2016 was at $ 26.16

The one hope for the longs/buyers is that the low for the day at $ 27.34 was able to stay above the January and February low prices from 2016 near the $ 26.05 a barrel area. 

Stay above that low level, and there is still hope. Move below and there is no hope (or there certainly is potential for a further probe to the downside).  

The current price is trading at $ 31.17.

Drilling down to the hourly chart, the correction off of the low price did stall ahead of its 38.2% retracement of the move down from last week’s high to low today. That level comes in at $ 35.48. The high price reached $ 34.88. If the price is going to move higher that would be one of the closest targets to get and stay above.

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