The Truth Behind Igal Ahouvi Activities Has Been Revealed


Threats don’t work!

After we received a very threatening letter from Mr Igal Ahouvi lawyers, Mr Lawrence Quahe from the Law firm Quahe Woo & Palmer LLC in Singapore, we decided to investigate more into who is Mr Igal Ahouvi who portray himself as a representative of the Vietnamese Government in Israel as the Honorary Consul and as a Billionaire who glorify himself with increasing wealth value in every published article, one-time 1 Billion Dollars, second time 3 Billion Dollar, 10 Billion Dollars and so on as his needs to impress for personal benefits increase.

The old saying “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is”

Mr. Igal Ahouvi spent countless amount on Public Relation (PR) in Vietnam to boost his public image, to show he is who in fact he is not . We found over 45 article in Vietnamese newspapers and online magazines to notify the WORLD and the Vietnamese Citizens that Mr Igal Ahouvi has been nominated as the Honoray Consul of Vietnam in the state of Israel. This was for sure a well coordinate and paid campaign. The actuality of things is that Mr Igal Ahouvi was for a short time a Honorary Consul of Vietnam in Israel however the Government of Vietnam actually expelled Mr Ahouvi from this prestigious post after too many incidents that casted a dark cloud on his behavior and ethics. From our investigation in Vietnam and from our colleagues in Israel this was an unprecedented move that never happened before unless people holding this tittle were sent to jail.

“Honorary Consul Ahouvi promoting ties with Israel”

The most intriguing part of this situation is that NOT one article was published In Vietnam to say he is no longer the Honorary Consul of Vietnam, the contrary is the reality – except the below picture from a “citizen watch” internet magazine in Facebook Israel, we could not find anything.

Who paid for the PR?? And who Paid for the Silencing of the Media , the reporters?? Was it again done by Mr Ahouvi fierce full Lawyers. Maybe Mr Lawrence Quahe?? Who seemed eager to attack us instead of checking a little on who is this person that hired him!

Translation of the heading: “Igal Ahouvi not a Consul and without Honor”

Thanks to Y.B.W. from News 1 for finding it.

We are sure that this is not the main reason but look at the attached YouTube aired in the state of Israel TV, that shows the blatant behavior of Mr Ahouvi towards pedestrian sidewalks only because he had Diplomatic immunity from Parking tickets due to being the Consul of Vietnam.

Here an interesting video report on Ahouvi taken from “Hazinor” show in Israel

False Billionaire? Yes or No?

Another perspective to this investigation is looking into the real finances of Mr Igal Ahouvi, is he a billionaire like he claims or his hired PR companies make him to look like?

Since we understand the strong use and manipulation of Mr Igal Ahouvi of the media, we are wondering if all his claims are truthful?

“Igal Ahouvi has deep ties with RBS”

We contacted HSBC in Vietnam, Maritime Bank in Hanoi and even sent a request for information to the Bank that Mr Igal Ahouvi claims, in countless articles in the UK media, to have good relation with: Royal Bank of Scotland.

“Royal Bank of Scotland seized 42 Marriott hotels, worth ₤1.1 billion, owned by Delek, Igal Ahouvi, Zadik Bino, Electra Real Estate and others.”

So far all the Banks chose to not to comment. We on the other hand will continue to investigate,

We will continue without fear to investigate Mr Ahouvi and other characters that come to Vietnam and take advantage of the open arms of the People and the Government

We decided to enter a quote from a British Politician;

We will continue our investigation into Greentech City in the Green Belt of Hanoi Capital,
We will continue our investigation into River Tower Project in HCMC.
We will continue our investigation into Paradise Bay Resort of Bai Dai in Khanh Hoa Province.

A scam is a scam. A fraud is a fraud. Different rules don’t apply in the City than they do for you and me

Emily Thornberry
Shadow Secretary of State for International Trade
Labour MP for Islington South and Finsbury
A quote from a politician in the UK

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