US major indices close lower but off the low levels for the day

Technical Analysis

Prices recover in the last hour of trading

The major indices are closing lower but off the low levels for the day. The last hour of trading saw prices move higher. The major indices have moved lower in 3 last 4 trading days

The final numbers are showing:

  • The S&P index fell -38.34 points or -1.52% at 2488.56. The high for the day reached 2538.18 . The low extended to 2459.96
  • the NASDAQ index fell -114.225 points or -1.53% to 7373.08. The high price reached 7518.71.The low extended to 7288.11
  • The Dow fell -357.99 points or -1.67% to 21055.49. The high price reached to 21 447.81. The low extended to 20863.09

For the week, the major indices all declined with the Dow industrial average falling the most. The changes for the week are showing:

  • Dow -2.7%
  • S&P -2.08%
  • Nasdaq -1.72%

YTD, the Dow al  so is leading the declines:

  • Dow -26.23%
  • S&P, -22.97%
  • Nasdaq, -17.83%.


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