Another huge move in the last hour for US stocks

Technical Analysis

S&P index scores by over 4.8%. Majors indices close at session highs

The stock markets raced (this time) to the upside in a late day surge of activity.  Hopes for a stimulus program are helping the stock market get through coronavirus fears

In the last 60 minutes of trading:

  • The S&P index went from 2823.28 to a closing level of 2881.85. That’s a 2.07% gain in the last hour
  • The NASDAQ index went from 2189.2428 to a closing level 8344.25. That is a 1.89% gain.
  • The Dow went from 24467.45 to a close of 25015.43. That is a 548 point increase or 2.24% rise in the last hour alone

For the day:

  • The S&P index rose 135.34 points or 4.93% to 2881.85. The low reached 2734.00.The high extended to 2882.59
  • The Nasdaq index rose 393.57 points or 4.95% at 8344.25. The low reached 7930.43. The high extended to 8347.39
  • The Dow rose 1163.85 points ro 4.89% to 25015.43. The low reached 23690.34. The high extended to 25020.99

Once again a huge trading range day for the major indices with lots of directional volatility in the last hour.

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