Buying ALMA vacation, the woman fell into a dead end, psychotic


After publishing our article on Mr Igal Ahouvi we received many threats, lawyer letters, DDoS attacks on our site and malware inserted in our mailboxes. 
This brutal and criminal behavior prompted us to look further into Mr Igal Ahouvi actions in Vietnam and around the world. The more we investigate the more we see that the ALMA project screams out more than any other dubious business.
This shows a pattern of behavior of Mr Igal Ahouvi and his cronies Mr. Oron Costtricci and Mr. Adrian G. Olivero who act as directors on companies that you can never really know who owns it / where is the money going to… / do they ever pay taxes in any jurisdiction for the tremendous profits that are made is still a question that we look into it.

We decided to let the readers be the judge of the article below presented as written. (please look at the foot note at the end of the article) Gently on the confidential words from the consultant, Ms. Nguyen Thi Thanh Yen spent more than 2 billion VND to buy vacation products of Thien Duong Bay Company. But until now, the contract was signed, the promise was a lie that made her psychotic.

Chemistry because of borrowing loans

Holding a mental examination paper in her hand and deciding to quit her job, Ms. Nguyen Thi Thanh Yen (born in 1969, Hanoi), her hand still trembling, she picked up the phone to go for help everywhere. Almost every day, she and other people in the same situation come to the headquarters of Thien Duong Bay Company to request settlement and payment of the contract.

4 years ago, Ms. Yen was invited to the seminar of Thien Duong Bay Resort Co., Ltd on ALMA Resort Cam Ranh, a high-class resort, to introduce a resort package. For three consecutive years, she was invited to the seminar, but she still decided not to buy because of skepticism about the product.

The debt pressure caused Ms. Nguyen Thi Thanh Yen to become “mentally ill” with a weak body and family events since signing an agreement with ALMA – Thien Duong Bay.

In early 2019, when returning to the seminar with a changed advertising format, with enthusiastic advice opened up the prospect of huge profits from resort investment besides the opportunity to enjoy for the whole family, Ms. Yen hid her husband and children to decide to buy a vacation with the desire to do something unexpected so that every year her family and grandmother had a place to travel. She spent VND 500 million to buy an ALMA vacation. Shortly thereafter, one way or another, the counselor cleverly enticed the “prey” into the game with the turn to sign and buy 6 contracts of ALMA with a total value of more than 2 billion.

6 contracts showing Nguyen Thi Thanh Yen signed with ALMA – Thien Duong Bay.

But in mid-2019, when she learned about this vacation, she was surprised because the truth was completely contrary to the advertisement. Specifically, each contract will amount to several hundred million just to own a 7-day vacation each year and the duration lasts longer than 35 years. Contrary to advertising, owning a vacation for each unit will be the same as owning an apartment, and being transferable, with a high profit of 10 – 16%, customers are not allowed to transfer. Not to mention, to enjoy this vacation only the owner can participate in the vacation, can not for other people and must pay an annual fee of 5 – 9 million / month.

7 contracts Ms. Yen said that the ALMA – Thien Duong Bay forged her signature to create trust “to cheat” many other owners.

All that has not stopped, Ms. Yen also said, the ALMA side of her signature to create a new discount code for other customers. “If old customers introduce new customers, 35% will be deducted. The consultant personally signed my signature, using my name as a discount code for new customers without my consent. When I asked for clarification, they refused to answer and worked around it. ”

The woman in her 50s and her glazed eyes at the contract sign just repeated the question: “When will ALMA send me money back?”. She shared, the amount of more than 2 billion dong invested in ALMA vacation accumulated by the couple as State employees after many years, plus borrowed from father of relatives, relatives. The most regretful thing for her is that she borrowed a large amount of money from her father who passed away on May 14 due to a serious illness without any medical treatment.

The woman awake at that time shared: “Until now, I still feel like a filial child, borrow money from my father to invest. Just because I didn’t study thoroughly, until my father had advanced cancer, I had no money to pay him back, nor money to pay for his treatment. By the time Dad left the world, filial piety like me had not returned the filial piety. Because of my loan, my husband and I find opaque children and hard. Many incidents came and made my health condition deteriorated, I had to quit my job ”.

Her eyes lifeless, looking up around looking for some help: “I knew I was ignorant, I didn’t read the contract, I believed in ALMA staff, they stalked” terribly. dad “by phone all day. I was sick, they bought things that seemed to be worth visiting, there were times when they waited from morning till late at night. The ultimate goal was to find in my place a nod and a signature to leave. Honestly speaking, I was afraid that I would not study carefully before signing the contract, but I could not accept foreign businesses, false advertising, and deceiving people. Up to now, there is no functional agency standing out for consumers, blatant fraud such as false counseling, deliberately making a contract, fake a signature is unacceptable.

ALMA: The dispute does not end

Yen’s story is only one of hundreds of people deceived by Thien Duong Bay Resort Co., Ltd. with the formula: Giving a thick contract, beautiful advertising on a promised land, dedicated care with professional and methodical images.

In fact, not only now but before that, there were many complaints that the fraudulent Paradise Bay Resort Co., Ltd. was sent to the authorities and the press. But with sophisticated tricks, this business still reaches its octopus to greet its customers.

Last time, the frequency of customers coming to the headquarters of ALMA Company – Thien Duong Bay in Cua Nam Ward, Hoan Kiem District as well as representative offices across the country became more and more crowded, the nature of the incident became more and more serious.

Because if these laws apply, almost all the terms of this contract violate. They then trained the Sale management team very carefully to lure the owner into contact. As for direct consultation, they are actually just like the talking machine.

Every day, the police force is constantly on duty to maintain order and security at the headquarters of the Thien Duong Bay Police Station in Cua Nam Ward, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi.

They are very sophisticated in the coordination between sale and sale management. If customers have difficult questions for sale, they do not understand from where, immediately, the sales manager will be present as a wind to guide customers to another topic. They draw a lot of beautiful things and economic benefits for the owners but in reality, none of the consulting sales are included in the contract. 

They entice customers to understand that they are building a magnificent palace, if customers put money into it, then customers will be able to rest in it at a cheap price as for. If customers do not want to take a break, they will help them to rent a hefty sum! However, in fact the content of the contract, the customer has no legal relationship to the castle at all. “

“The fact that the customer pulled up the headquarters of this company is not the first time, it took place like meals and happened continuously three or four years ago. Every day, we constantly have to Directly to maintain security and order Understand that losing money “of sorrow”, but expect everyone to do what must respect the law, need to study carefully before signing a contract. Personally, I have been dragged by the staff here many times, but like me, I do not have so much money to join the contract, “said a police officer in Cua Nam ward, Hoan Kiem.

According to experts, the nature of vacation ownership is “ownership of the service” rather than “property ownership”. In the world, many people have to flee, accept the transfer of vacation at a cheap price because they can not stand the fees that can be attached to them until they die, but to transfer is not easy.

In the world, the form of “vacation ownership” has a history of more than 50 years. However, in Vietnam this form is quite new but there have appeared many “variables” unpredictable causing many risks to customers. Currently, this model still has many shortcomings in legal issues because there is no specific document on holiday sale contracts. Customers need to find out carefully, do not believe in the words “honey sugar” to avoid unnecessary disputes without end.

A ten-word capital of ALMA – Paradise Bay
Customers spend VND 500 million to buy a vacation of ALMA – Paradise Bay for 35 years, each year of use only 1 week, the remaining 51 weeks will be 51 owners other property. For it to maintain for 35 years, it must take care and maintenance, each year the owner must pay an average of 7 million for 35 years, that is, about 245 million plus the initial 500 million total of 745 million. So the value of the apartment that is a co-owner of 52 other owners’ vacation in 35 years “can not sell, transfer” will be 38,740,000,000 VND. A desirable number for any real estate trader.

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