Coronavirus – Anyone arriving in Australia from overseas will to be forced to self-isolate for 14 days


An announcement from Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison.

  • Australia will also ban cruise ships from foreign ports for an initial 30 days

I do not know how you force a person to self-isolate? Maybe have the arrival talk with a Collingwood (football club) supporter for 5 minutes and they’ll  happily lock themselves in solitary for 2 weeks? (Dear non-Australians, you have no idea how much trouble I am in now 😀 ) 

More from the PM’s statement:

  • steps to be taken over the next 6 months to slow the spread of the virus
  • to ban massMonetary Authority of Singapore  gatherings of more than 500 people
  • not to impose school closures at this tage
  • expects visitor arrivals to Australia to slow quickly

Australia has more than 250 confirmed coronavirus cases and three deaths. the country has been reasonably quick to take steps to limit the advance of the inflection, banning arrivals from high-risk countries for example. But Aust. was not as quick off the mark as New Zealand was on this. 


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