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Datamail The world’s first linguistic e-mail service

Today, September 14 is celebrated with great enthusiasm in India, especially among Hindi speaking people as Hindi Diwas. On this occasion, I am sharing information about a special email service for all of you, whose name is Datamail.

Datamail is an email service available in Hindi as well as in other regional languages ​​with all the basic internet infrastructure, where you will get all the process, all information, and facilities from domain name to writing and sending emails in Hindi as well as in almost all regional languages. Will get |

Such services will reduce the distance between English and other regional languages ​​on the Internet and the number of people using the Internet in regional languages ​​will increase even more. But just an email service is not going to make much difference yes there is a beginning, the effect will be seen when other major and popular services on the internet will be made easy to use in regional languages ​​as well as many companies come forward Parega |

In recent times, the use of regional languages ​​on the Internet has definitely increased a lot, but the need is still to be found in the right place. There is a need for many other facilities like datamail which encourages regional languages ​​and especially Hindi speakers to use the language of their choice.

With Datemail, you can create your email address in Hindi and other regional languages ​​and use it like any other email service. Here you will get all the facilities like writing email in Hindi, sending, receiving, setting and other features in all Hindi or your regional languages.

Dr. Ajay, Founder & CEO, Data XGen Plus Technologies and the brain behind Datamail, the world’s first linguistic email service, said, “On the occasion of Hindi Diwas, we take a pledge for “Freedom of Language on the Internet”. India should celebrate the development of an ecosystem – comprising software, hardware and content – ​​that together make the Internet truly inclusive” .

According to the Census 2011, 74 percent of India’s total population of 1.2 billion is literate at present. Even after this only about 100 million people use the internet. According to the census, about 44% of the population is proficient in some form of Hindi and about 12% of the population understands English. Hindi itself leads to other regional languages.
In a country home to 550 million Hindi-speaking people, even with access to the Internet, many still face language barriers. Over a period of time, India has come up with different innovations to ensure internet access and connectivity for the people.

Now with global innovations in linguistic e-mail services, India can take advantage of such technological breakthroughs in Universal Acceptance and Internationalized Domain Names (IDNs). This is breaking down linguistic barriers on the Internet. Hindi speaking people are going to be benefited the most from this technical success.

Dr. Data said, “We needed an internet infrastructure well aware of different scripts including Hindi. Recognizing this need for a multilingual Internet and bridging the digital divide between the English and non-English speaking populations, a passionate community of individuals began talking in 1996. This is how IDN was born. It took us nearly two decades to break through as ‘Datamail’, the email platform provided by Xenplus.”

Language is fundamental to communication and association between individuals. Breaking the language barrier has been called by experts the biggest expansion in the history of the Internet. Going forward, it will lead to innovations that cannot be imagined even today.

On this occasion of Hindi Diwas, let us take a pledge that we will not only celebrate Hindi but also celebrate the diversity of the language. Let’s join the myriad of people speaking different languages ​​around the world into this one community called the “Internet”.

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