How did Mr Igal Ahouvi become a Consul of Vietnam?? Was any background check ever done.


Dear readers we would like to go back to our article from May 2020:

We are following in the last nine months the activities of various International Investors that came to Vietnam to invest and Profit from their Investment. We have checked Korean Firms and Individuals, we have investigated Irish investors, we have investigated Italian Investments and others.  A fine line defines all of them, discrepancies between the Investment scale of the projects as declared monetary commitments in the Investment Certificates and the reality. Discrepancies between the actual moneys declared in the State Bank of Vietnam and the real investments done.

We understand that this is a common practice that benefits the Foreign Investors and is accepted to the local authorities in order to help the Investors perform.  But……  what happens when they do not perform? When the goodwill of the Vietnamese Government is taken as a license to steal??

Example of an Investment certificate

All have a gap between what they declare and what was actually done, outstanding in this list is Israeli Businessman Mr Igal Ahouvi who manage do stretch the limits way beyond any other.

We did contact Mr Igal Ahouvi and his companies to receive comments on the questions asked, in return we received a full force attack on our servers (called DIDOS), we received more than threats from his Singaporean Lawyers, instead of addressing the issues, they tried to spin us into false directions including pointing us to deceitful claims of legal issues in Singapore against the supposedly perpetrators of those actions – Mr Igal Ahouvi former partners in the ALMA project of Paradise Bay Resort in Bai Dai, DRS Communication/Capital. The more we dug into Mr Igal Ahouvi, the more soiled are the waters.

Mr Igal Ahouvi enigma did not start on the question we raised in our first article, “how did he received the land for the Green Tech City in Tu Liem district of Hanoi” and why nobody intervene during the years that no construction was done or compensation paid to the poor farmers evacuated from their land.

The same question marks are present when trying to understand how come Mr Igal Ahouvi was Honorary representative of Vietnam in the state of Israel, a businessman with multiple law suites in his country, in Switzerland for defaulting on very big deal, (Article Switzerland) , in the UK Banks take over Hotels due to defaulting loans (Article Marriot) and more!! 

Nobody checked?? Simple GOOGLE search would have been sufficient.

In the picture below you can see the National Sign of Vietnam on Mr Igal Ahouvi license plate. The constant parking in forbidden areas under the immunity received a lot of negative sentiments from Tel Aviv citizens that even the Israeli TV Hazinor program had to intervene.

Finally in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs somebody woke up and decided to banish  Mr Igal Ahouvi from the Honorary post of Consul of Vietnam in the state of Israel, in an unprecedented move, after so many cases of abuse of the benefits that come with immunity.(the from Israeli TV video)

In our follow up articles we will reveal the Gaps in Mr Igal Ahouvi declaration to the Investment Certificate of his Real Estate Projects in Vietnam and the real money he Invested. We will interview high ranking official in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Vietnam to understand what was the reason for giving a Vietnamese Honorary position to Mr Igal Ahouvi without checking his past track record.

We will continue our investigation into Greentech City in the Green Belt of Hanoi Capital,

We will continue our investigation into River Tower Project in HCMC.

We will continue our investigation into Paradise Bay Resort of Bai Dai in Khanh Hoa Province.

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