Major indices close lower after late day rally fizzles out

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Another big move in the last hour of trading

The major indices are closing lower on the day after the late day rally fizzled out.

Starting the last hour of trading, the major indices were trading at:

  • S&P index 2584.95, down -45.12 points or -1.72%
  • NASDAQ index 7648.96, down -148.57 points or -1.91%
  • Dow 22046.95, down -505.18 points or -2.24%

The closing levels are lower at:

  • S&P index fell -88.62 points or -3.37% to 2541.45
  • NASDAQ index fell -295.15 points or -3.79% to 7502.37
  • Dow fell -915.39 points or -4.06% to 21636.78

Over the last hour of trading, the major indices each traded to new day highs, but quickly sold off and are closing near the session lows (with the NASDAQ just off the day’s lows). In the last hour of trading, the:

  • S&P index went from a high of 2615.91 to a low of 2534.99 or a range of 80.92 points
  • Nasdaq index went from a high of 7716.24 to a low of 7497.02 or a range of 219.2 points
  • Dow went from a high of 22327 to a low of 21602 or a range of 725 points

Another big move in the last hour of tradingAlthough lower for the day for all major indices closed with gains.

Leading the way was the Japan’s Nikkei with a gain of +17.14%. In the US, the biggest gainer was the Dow up by 12.84%. It was helped by a move back higher in Boeing.   Boeing shares went from $ 97 on Monday to around $ 180 at the highs. It is closing today around $ 162.  The gain for the week was at 70.48% 

The S&P index rose by 10.26%.  The NASDAQ gained 9.05%. 

Other big gainers for the week were:

  • Delta Air Lines +38.36%
  • United Airlines +33.8%
  • Slack +28.3%
  • Home Depot up 25.05%
  • intuitive surgical, +24.41%
  • Nike up 23.51%
  • Nvidia, +22.75%
  • Micron, +20.41%
  • Tesla, +20.36%
  • Broadcom, +20.2%
  • American Express up 19.56%
  • United Technologies up 17.69%
  • United health up 17.04%
  In Europe the biggest gainer was the German DAX which rose 7.88%.

The weekly gains were led by the Japan stock market

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