Major US indices close higher but well off their highs for the day

Technical Analysis

Month results are negative

The month of September is now over and the major indices closed lower for the 1st time since March. Moreover the stocks posted the worst September performance since 2011. 

The good news is that the major indices close higher for the 2nd consecutive quarter and they also closed higher for the day (albeit well off the highs for the day.  

So what were the final numbers for the day, month, quarter and year to date?

The major indices changes for the month shows:

  • The S&P index up 27.53 points or 0.83% at 3363.00
  • The NASDAQ closed up 82.26 points or 0.74% at 11167.50
  • The Dow closed up 329.04 points or 1.2% at 27781.70

The major indices changes for the month shows:

  • The S&P index fell -3.92%
  • The NASDAQ index fell -5.16%
  • The Dow fell -2.28%

The major indices changes for the quarter shows:

  • The S&P index rose 8.47%
  • THe NASDAQ index rose 11.02%
  • The Dow industrial average rose 7.63%

Finally for the year to date, the numbers are showing:

  • The S&P index is up 4.09%
  • The NASDAQ index is up 24.46%
  • The Dow is still down -2.65%.

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