Stocks rally into the close but still off highest levels

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Stocks have worst week in 3 months 

The major stock indices rallied into the close but are still selling off the highest levels.

  • The stocks have the worst week in 3 months
  • Dow and S&P have their 1st positive day after 4 days down 
  • stocks rebounded after the plunge on Thursday

a snapshot of the major indices at the close shows:

  • S&P index +39.21 points or 1.31% at 3041.31
  • NASDAQ index rose 96.02 points or 1.01% at 9588.80
  • Dow rose 477.37 points or 1.9% at 25605.54.

Although higher, the gains were well off the highs but also well off the lows (closing around mid range). 

  • S&P index was up as much as 2.88% but was as low as -0.59%
  • Nasdaq index was up as much as 2.91% but was as low as -0.83%
  • Dow was up as much as 3.33% but was as low as -0.20%.

Below are the % high, low and closes for the major NA and European indices for today.

Stocks have worst week in 3 months For the week, the major indices all fell with the Dow the weakest. 
  • S&P, -4.78%
  • Nasdaq, -2.3%
  • Dow, -5.55%

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