Underground Shady Real-Estate Organization Exposed? Who is the Organizer?


We are trying to understand who and how this scam called Green Tech City ever happened.

How Mr Igal Ahouvi is doing shady real estate deal in countries in Europe, in Israel and in Vietnam when hundreds of court cases are hanging over his head or around the deal themselves. Mr Igal Ahouvi needs for that an organization that he can hide behind. An organization needs people to operate it and Off Shore companies to run it. Offshore companies need directors to perform fake meetings and write fake boards decisions to present to Banks a clean and honest picture so moneys can move freely from one place to another.

We spent 100’s of hours going through official documents, looking through official Company Registration of all the claimed the related companies, both directly and through our colleagues in other countries and we did not find any company that Mr Igal Ahouvi is actually registered as the Owner or Director (except RAVAD Israel were he resigned after problems with Authorities) .

The Organization

Mr Igal Ahouvi boast being a Billionaire, claims being an International Art Collector, makes sure that he is mentioned in newspapers with his trophy girlfriend (30 years younger), claims that he is the Owner or Investor in many projects however his name is never there.

Mr Igal Ahouvi has a system that he uses in order to build those companies Companies with the assistance of Mr Adrian G. Olivero and his CFO Mr Oron Costaricci. In every company they put some simple working people and they serve as non-registered Board of Management. They are the ones who in behalf of Mr Igal Ahouvi give the orders to the simple working person and he performs and takes responsibility. One question arises: who will take the blame if Tax Authorities or the DPI want to enforce a decision after Mr Igal Ahouvi siphoned the money from the sale of GreenTech City to overseas banks? Not Igal Ahouvi, not Adrian G. Olivero and not Blenheim CFO in UK Oron Costaricci or even Kamal El Haq who already escape out of Vietnam – the only miserable people will be the local Vietnamese staff.
Mr Adrian G Oliver is the director of many companies but never leaves Gibraltar or London. Last year he was arrested and escaped bail (we are still investigating – we requested Mr Olivero to comment). We refer our readers to an article Theday.com that shows what happens when poor tenants are forced to overpay for houses they bought, or they will be evicted and they cannot reach the owner or director to try to solve the problem – the owner is hiding behind Finsbury Trust the Company of Adrian G Olivero – to clarify we do not possess still the proof that Mr Igal Ahouvi was behind this scam or other businessman.

Mr Olivero Escaping bail from Police

£15 million for Pensand House & Marlborough Court, Hythe.

Lawsuit Against Ahouvi in Israel

Taken from “Calcalist”

We learned that a similar case happened in Tel Aviv City in Israel were Mr Igal Ahouvi cancel a deal with ten’s of home owners in order to increase his profits. (article in Hebrew – translate by google please.)

It seems like a pattern that those culprits are involved in.

We requested the comments from all the persons who their name is mentioned and all chose not to respond. We even offer to retract any information that they claim is not correct or true.

We will continue investigating the Greentech City case.

We will investigate the Paradise Bay Resort and Alma with the connections to all the different people involved – including a consumer rights Lawyer who was forcibly shut up.

With our international colleagues in UK and Israel we will continue the investigation of the spider web of companies related to Mr Igal Ahouvi.

We would like to inform our followers that we have received from Mr Igal Ahouvi lawyers in Singapore a threatening letter telling us to stop our investigation. We will publish the letter and additional passages that relate to ALMA project supplied from the lawyer.

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