What is Finsbury Trust? And why it smells bad?


“What hides behind all the fake directors? Why it should be allowed to have a structure that eliminate the possibility of a simple buyer to sue the person who really hurt him! Layer after layer of companies hiding behind Finsbury Trust and Adrian G Olivero makes it impossible for an Investor in Alma resort to really know who profited from his money.” 

Question raised by Lawyer TDP

“If something bad smells in the basement, it will eventually make its way to the attic.”

Popular saying

Through our investigation of Mr Igal Ahouvi we kept stumbling into one name that always stands in the front of the Blenheim Gang! Adrian G. Olivero from Finsbury trust in Gibraltar.

Why there is a need to hide behind trusts and other form of structures if you are protected from business failures by LTD/LLC (limited liability company (LLC) is a business structure whereby the owners are not personally liable for the company’s debts or liabilities.) Only one reason for the beneficiary owner…. The knowledge that the actions are border  line legal or the possibility that the Authorities may question the good faith in which actions were taken.

When we started looking into the person standing in front of Mr Igal Ahouvi in the Green Tech City in the Green Belt zone of Hanoi Capital, River Tower Project in HCMC Dist1 and Paradise Beach Resort in Bai Dai (the Alma resort). After pealing the first layer of local managent we found Mr Adrian G. Olivero. 

A quick research in google show that Adrian G Olivero was a director of 100 Companies in the Panama and Bahamas leaks!! https://icijold.com/?info=finsbury+trust&submit=Search&page=0. This is not counting all the companies  is a dirnow!!

Does this make any business sense? Is it real management or just a simple trick to hide behind a structure that protects the culprit so he in turns does not inform on the person that really gave the orders and profited from the actions. Is Finsbury Trust and Adrian G. Olivero a simple front? The answer to that is Yes!! There are legitimate uses for offshore companies and trusts but we feel that in the case of Blenheim Group of companies this is not the case.

As we wrote in our previous article we receive some very disturbing recordings indicating that there was illegal payment made in the court cases of Paradise Bay resort (the Alma resort). https://financenewspoint.com/the-blenheim-gang/

Without making the claim that bribe payments were indeed done, we addressed by email the CEO of Alma Mr Hemant Patel, who escaped Vietnam and lives in the UK, Mr Oron Costtricci the International CFO of Blenheim Group and Mr Adrian G. Olivero.  We addressed to all the same question regarding payments mentioned in the recording.  None of those people chose to comment.

Our question to Mr. Adrian G. Olivero is more specific. He Is the sole director of Elgin; the Mother Company of Paradise Bay resort did not know what is happening in his daughter company? As the Sole Director Mr Adrian G Olivero did not have a vicarious liability to the actions done in Paradise Bay resort, he must have signed papers or authorize payments.

And if not him, was it Mr Oron Costtricci?  According to staff that work in the finance department he was the main authorizer of any payment made? Can it be that he did not know?

And if not him? Was it the Billionaire who claimed to be the sole owner and if so the only Beneficiary from those action? Mr Igal Ahouvi himself???

This is exactly the place where the security blanket of Adrian G. Olivero and Finsbury Trust comes into place – The Local Authorities can catch the local staff; The Local Authorities can catch the foreign Legal Representative; The Local Authorities can request from the Singaporean Authorities to investigate the mother company but there it ends!!!

Where exactly domiciles Adrian G. Olivero?  How can he be registered as a director in a company in Singapore when clearly he hardly visits the place? What will happen if he is called for a questioning….will he ever step foot in Singapore??                               

You be the judge of that!

Look at the article published 10,000KM away in the UK and see what another independent magazine writes:

The way this company structure has been designed does not allow for transparency. It is a maze of companies owning other companies, which goes on and on, making it incredibly difficult to know who the ultimate owners are, and how and where from they earn their money.”

Source shepwayvox.org

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